The best stuff around ... say goodbye to your old soap ways!!! If you want a product that won't leave you slimy or even dryer than before your wash, Hidden Creek Acres is the answer to all your problems! Take my word for it ... You won't miss Lush or Bath & Body Works when you start using Hidden Creek Acres.  ~ Grace F.

Absolutely love the soaps and body butter. I have the Grapefruit Bellini soap and body butter and it is divine. The Honey Ale and Fresh Bamboo soaps are wonderful also. Can't wait to try some other products like the bath bombs! And what makes it even better is the owners are the nicest people. I highly recommend Hidden Creek Acre soaps and body butters. ~ Tia H.

I have been in love with the soaps for a while now. They smell amazing and make my skill feel so nice. I just tried their Grapefruit Bellini body lotion and I am obsessed! It's super moisturizing, but not heavy or greasy. They also have top notch customer service. Y'all should check them out. ~ Kaitlyn C.

I bought the Grapefruit Bellini soap and the Citrus Haze bath bomb, they are AMAZING!! The soap smelt so good and very moisturizing. You officially have me addicted to your bath bombs!! I've never tried one before and it left me silky smooth afterwards. Your products are my new favorite! ~ Kayla F.

I truly enjoy the scents and feel of the soaps from Hidden Creek Acres.  I use them as gifts for my clients as well as for myself.  Fast delivery and their service and attention to their clients is definitely second to none!  ~ Carrie R.

We have been completely ecstatic with the quality of the soaps we have purchased here.  ~ Keith H.

My skin is softer than ever since switching to Hidden Creek Acres' soaps and lotions.  ~ Karyn B.